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Knightsville, In. U.S.A.


W.M. James L. Passwater II                                       Sec. Jack Brown

S.W. George Scherb                                                   Tres. Ernie Egloff

J.W. Melvin Fagg                                                        S.S. James L. Passwater I

S.D. Bill Searing                                                           J.S. Charles Brown

J.D. Ron Eppert                                                             Tyler Pete Taylor

Chp. Wayne Atkinson 


Carbon Lodge was started in 1877, in the town of Lena, In. The Lodges name was Lena Lodge 529. The members of the lodge decided to move the lodge to a town that was only 2 miles away. The members moved the lodge to Carbon, In. When the members made the move they decided to rename the lodge Carbon lodge 529. They rebuilt the Odd fellows building that burned down in the early 1900's. At the time Carbon was a mining town that was growing very fast. With the declining  need for coal over the years, the mine shut down. With the shut down of the mine, the people in town started moving away. The town started to struggle, with that happening the lodge started to lose members. The lodge having trouble with money to keep the building up, decided to sell the building, and move to Knightsville, In. with Knightsville lodge 409. We are now back on our feet and running very smoothly, and hope to continue in the right direction.

Scheduled Work

April 19 2003 at 900 am we have a  Master Mason degree.

with Breakfast at 830 am









Created By

P.M. James L. Passwater II