The Valley of Cambridge Learning Center is located in the Valley office building.
Valley of Cambridge Learning Center  935 Wheeling Av. Cambridge, Oh 43725

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     At the close of our six-week summer session, four of our scholars completed their 145 hour initial certification materials and became full-fledged tutors. We now have 12 certified tutors and four scholars.

    We were pleased to receive our Clinical Director's, Dr. David Winter, April visit evaluation and to find that we are in full compliance with Lexington's policies and procedures.  His visit was a success and very enjoyable for our staff. 

   Our Fall tutoring sessions began with great gusts coming from hurricane Ike and we were forced to cancel the very first day!  Luckily, the next day we were able to get back to business as usual.  We currently have 32 children coming through our doors twice each week.  Eleven of those are new students joining us after May graduation.  Our wait list is currently well under ten children.

    Thanks to funding from the Cambridge Kiwanis Foundation, packets of information are being distributed to area schools.  Included is a new brochure that details the services we provide at the Cambridge Learning Center.  There is also a parent-friendly brochure that discusses the wonderful 32 Masonic tutoring program along with the ins and outs of dyslexia.  It lists dyslexia characteristics, what a diagnostic evaluation entails, and how a child qualifies for tutoring at the Learning Center.  Also in the packet is information about multisensory teaching techniques, and the Orton Gillingham approach that we use at the Learning Center.  At this time 75 packets have been hand delivered to schools within an hour of the Learning Center.  With the help of the Kiwanis, we are moving to de-mystify dyslexia for area families. Anyone interested is encouraged to call the Learning Center and ask for this information.

    We are looking forward to our golf fundraiser on October 4 at the Cambridge Country Club and to another successful Fall filled with rewarding contacts with our children and their families.

Thank you again for your support of this wonderful program. 

Jen Navicky, Director



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