Epsilon Chai Iota Tau
An expose' on the symbolism of Freemasonry   By Gene Goldman with Robert E. Winterton
 This paper will reveal one of the most tightly kept secrets taught in Masonry.  This is a lesson that is so secret, and so fundamental to our nature, that it is not even spoken of in our ritual.  However, it is taught just the same.  It is the secret of the Epsilon Chai Iota Tau.  Four Greek letters, with so much significance an entire book could be written, and not even begin to explain the mystery contained within them.  Sherlock Holmes would be hard pressed to find all their meanings.  Philosophers could spend lifetimes delving into the depths of their significance, and still not scratch the surface.  Their many lessons are never taught, but everyone knows them.
 The story of "The Purloined Letter" teaches us that the best way to hide something is to place it in plain sight.  It is interesting to note that this symbol, these four Greek letters appear in every commercial and government building in this country, and most people never take conscious notice of them.  School children see them every day and never ask what they mean.  Workers in businesses, customers in stores, patrons in movies, ball games and amusement parks see these letters, and read their hidden message every day and never realize it.  After this, you will never again be without conscious knowledge of them, and their importance to you, in your life.