To our final toast tonight, Our glasses freely drained Happy to have met, Sorry to Part, Happy we will meet again. Dear Brothers of the Mystic Tie, The Night is waning fast; Our work is done; our feast is o'er: This toast must be our Last.
To all poor and distressed Masons, wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth or water, a speedy relief to their suffering and a safe return to their land if they so desire. Stand and join with me my Brethren: "To all Poor and Distressed Masons."
The Junior Wardens Toast:
Worshipful Master, I beg permission to propose a toast to __________ Lodge.
To the Lodge so close to the Hearts of its members, to the brotherhood that has existed throughout the years and to the interest and loyalty unshaken by adversity and unspoiled by prosperity. So may we reflect its integrity and stability in our daily lives. Will the Brethren of __________ Lodge please rise and repeat after me - To __________ Lodge No. ____, (Ancient) Free and Accepted Masons. ______________________________________