Prudence By Bro. Carl H. Claudy:

   "Prudence in Masonry means wisdom; wisdom was anciently a cardinal virtue and the  mere changing of the syllables by which it is denominated does not change its nature. It  is the wisdom which was meant by the writer of Proverbs, who said, "the heart of the  prudent getteth knowledge."    Freemasonry is a system of wisdom of heart, wisdom of mind, wisdom, if the Mason so  wills it, of soul. It is an approach of man to his Creator. It is a looking forward to  better days and a looking up to higher things. Its whole structure is aimed at helping a  man in the formation of good character. Wisdom is an essential for this, from thinking,  rather than from education and teaching. Consider prudence as meaning a wisdom of both  heart and mind and it becomes something high and holy and much more impressive than  mere precaution, judged by the modern and colloquial meaning of the word  prudence... Therefore, a man is prudent when he allows wisdom to rule his actions."            Carl H. Claudy