He Who Serves by Brother Edgar A. Guest
He has not served who gathers gold, Nor has he served whose life is told In selfish battles he has won, Or deeds of skill that he has done; But he has served who now and then Has helped along his fellow men.
The world needs many men today; Red-blooded men along life's way, With cheerful smiles and helping hands, And with the faith that understands The beauty of the simple deed Which serves another's hour of need.
Strong men to stand beside the weak, Kind men to hear what others speak; True men to keep our country's laws And guard its honor and its cause; Men who will bravely play life's game Nor ask rewards of gold or fame.
Teach me to do the best I can To help and cheer our fellow man; Teach me to lose my selfish need And glory in the larger deed Which smoothes the road, and lights the day For all who chance to come my way.