The Candidate author Joe Ohlandt
The candidate is coming, all dressed in white, How he has looked forward to this night, Arrived in his suit, all pressed and clean, Ready to see what it all means.
The greetings are many, all friends to be, The hands and faces is all he can see, They get on their aprons, and off they go, What's going on, he wants to know.
One comes out, to make sure he's there, And disappears again into thin air, He waits with a man, with a sword by his side, Ready to learn, but what will he find.
The time has come, let's go in here, Before we start, lend me your ear, He hears about honor, and knows he must, With all his anxiety, be honest and just.
Time to get dressed, as in times of old, Everyone has done it, so he is told, Led to the door, and knocked with his hand, An answer is heard, and a command.
He waits some more, and the door opens again, It sounds like the voice, of an old friend, A question is asked, not run of the mill, Of course he's here of his own free will.
The door is closed, and on his return, An order is spoken, it's time for concern, Through the door, led by the arm, These are my friends, no cause for alarm,
A lesson is heard, he's on his way, Now it's time to kneel and pray, God is with him, his hand will extend, Arise he is told, proceed with your friend,
The march is on, a prayer is heard, Questions asked and answers returned, All he can do is listen for his name, Now to be returned, from whence he came.
Placed on a step, the Master is called, Now for a story of times of old, A question is asked, assurances made, An oath is taken, not likely to fade.
The question is asked, of course it is light, Something he wants, with all of his might, There right before him, what does he see, The three great lights of Masonry.
The Master is there to take his hand, To give him the wisdom, of the land, To share in the knowledge of all great men, And show him the greatness of God, Amen.