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From a Brother
GETTING PAID (The better I Am at life, the better life gets!)
Many of us look at life as work. We approach it and try to handle it like a job. We complain about it. We blame others when it is not working. We hold someone else responsible when it does not give us what we want. Some of us give up on life. We move from day to day, with no plan, no goals and ultimately no rewards.
We fail to understand that if life is work, the better we do it, the better it will pay us. When we perform our tasks to the very best of our ability we receive just rewards for what we do. When we are thorough in our work and put our best into it, we become better at it. When we become too good for where we are, we will be advanced to our rightful place.
The things we must realize about life is it cannot be better until we are better. We cannot get more until we are more. The only thing that can stop our advancement in life is our not being ready to move. If life is work, run it like a multimillion-dollar corporation and elect yourself chief executive officer. Then and only then we may receive our Master Mason's Wages.