Frequently asked questions.

DID you watch Survivor last night?



Paper or plastic?

French fries with that?

Onions with that?

Get it?

Got Milk?




Can I touch them?

So What?

Gene who?



WHO took my Right Guard?

WHO died and made you boss?

WHO do you think you are?

WHO is there?

WHO said that?

WHO did that?

WHO did you say you were, again?

WHO the hell are you?

WHO crawled up your ^$$ today?

WHO is your supervisor?

WHO wants some?

WHO do I talk to about ... ?

WHO got peanut butter on my chocolate?

WHO got chocolate in my peanut butter?

WHO peed in your Cheerios?

WHO put the bop in the bop shu bop shu bop?



WHAT do you think you are doing?

WHAT the?

WHAT got into you?

(WWGD?) WHAT would Geno do?

WHAT did I do to deserve that?

WHAT in the world could THAT be?

WHAT did you say?


WHAT are YOU doing today?

WHAT is that smell?

WHAT wuz u thinkin'?

WHAT kind of idiot are you? (HOW many kinds are there?)


WHEN did that happen?

WHEN were you put in charge?

WHEN did you become God?

WHEN is a good time to meet?

WHEN will you be here?



WHERE have you been?

WHERE are you going?

WHERE is Carmen San Diego?

WHERE's Waldo?

WHERE are we?

WHERE are my socks?

WHERE are my car keys?

WHERE is your head today?

WHERE did I put that?



WHY not?

WHY should I?

WHY me?

WHY can't you just leave me alone?

WHY can't we all just get along?

WHEREfore art thou? (IIRC, wherefore ise olde Englishe fore Why: Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou?)



HOW should I know?

HOW is it going?

HOW did that happen?

HOW come?

HOW now brown cow?

HOW can I?

HOW is (s)he?

HOW is it that you can do this, but I can't?

HOW much wood CAN a woodchuck chuck, anyway?

HOW stupid do you think I am?


ARE we there yet?

ARE we having fun yet?

ARE you out of your mind?

ARE you kidding?

ARE you coming?

ARE you insane?

ARE you talking to me?

ARE you still beating your wife?

ARE you still beating my wife?

ARE you as dumb as you look?

ARE you thinking what I'm thinking?

ARE those things real?


DO you know where your children are?

DO you always hit that hard?

DO you have a Bandaid?

DO you want a spanking?

DO you see what I see?

DO you come here often?

DO these pants make my butt look big?


DID you send it yet?

DID you say something?

DID you just come here to take up my  time/space/light/...?

DID you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

DID you finish your vegetables?

DID you go to the bathroom first?

DID you go pee? (Especially when talking to a child)

DID you clean your room like I asked you to?

DID your mother have any normal kids?


IS it time yet?

IS this yours?

IS this the one?

IS this seat taken?

IS that your final answer?

IS that what I think it is?

IS that your real hair?


Best series:

Where are we?

What do you want?

Who are you?

Who is number one?