The following are the original 15 Points and 15 Articles of Freemasonry. Given by Prince Edwin, son of King Athelsan. The Regius Manuscript (1390 A.C.E.) conveys this story and is to be considered the oldest written documentation of Freemasonry. The original is in a Museum in London, England.


1. The Master Mason must be steadfast, trusty and true and render perfect justice to both workmen and his employer.

2. The Master Mason shall be punctual in his attendence at the general congregation or assembly.

3. The Master must take no apprentices for less than seven years.

4. The Master must take no apprentices who are bondsmen, but only such as are free and well born.

5. The Master shall not employ a thief or maimed man for an apprentice, but only those who are physically fit.

6. The Master must not take craftsmen's wages for apprentice's wages.

7. The Master must not employ an immoral person.

8. The Master must maintain a standard of efficiency by not permitting incompetent workmen to be employed.

9. The Master must not undertake to do work which he can not complete.

10. No Master shall supplant another in the work undertaken.

11. The Master shall not cause the Masonl to work at night except in pursuit of knowledge.

12. The Master must instruct his apprentices in everything they are capable of learning.

13. No Mason shall speak evil of his fellow's work.

14. The Master shall take no apprentices for whom he has not sufficient labor.

15. The Master is not to make false representations nor compromise the sins of his fellows.



1. Those who would be Masons and practice the Masonic art are required to love God and His Holy Church, the Master for whome they labor and their Masonic Brethren; for his is the spirit of Masonry.

2. The Mason must work diligently in working hours that he may lawfully refresh himself in the hours of rest.

3. The Mason must keep the secrets of his Master, his brethren and the lodge faithfully.

4. No Mason must be false to the Craft, but maintain all its rules and regulations.

5. No Mason shall not murmer at fair compensation.

6. The Mason shall not turn a working day into a holiday.

7. The Mason shall restrain his lust.

8. The Mason shall be just and true to his Brethren in every way.

9. The Mason shall treat his Brethren with equity and in the spirit of brotherly love.

10. Contention and strife shall not exist among brethren.

11. The Mason shall caution his Brother kindly about any error into which he may be about to fall.

12. The Mason must maintain every order of the Assembly.

13. The Mason must not steal or protect one who does.

14. The Mason must be true to the laws of Masonry and to the laws of his country.

15. The Mason must submit to the lawful penalty of any offense he may commit.