I See You've Traveled Some

W herever you may chance to be --
Wherever you may roam
Far away In foreign lands,
Or just at home, sweet home;
It always give you pleasure,
It makes your heart strings hum
Just to hear the words of cheer--
"I see you've traveled some"

When you get the broyhers greeting,
As he takes you by the hand,
It thrills you with a feeling
That you cannot understand.
You feel that bong of brotherhood
That tie that sure to come]
When you hear him say in a friendly way,
"I see you've traveled some"

And if you are a stranger
In strange lands all alone
If fate has left you stranded--
Dead broke and far from home,
O,its a grand and glorious feeling,
It thrills you--makes you dumb,
When he says, with a grip of
"I see you've traveled some'

And when your final summons comes,
To take a last long trip
Adorned with Lambskin Apron White
And gems of fellowship,
The tiler at the Golden Gate,
With square and rule and plumb
Will size up your pin,and say
"Walk in--I see you've traveled some"
--Author Unknown