- Unification 2001 -

The 2001, 5rd Unification of Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge (135th Grand Session) took place in Decatur, Illinois at the Holiday Inn Select. Honored guest came in from The Jurisdiction of Indiana, Jurisdiction of Wisconsin and The Jurisdiction of New York. Congratulations are due to M.W. Brother James Gavins. on being elected to the office of Grand Master. Also, congratulation going out to the newly elected Worthy Grand Matron, Marilyn Watt Crook and Worthy Grand Patron, Calnic B. Wright. Also congratulations going out to MW Bro. Willie B. Evans Sr. and his retirement from the office of Grand Master. Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois is definitely "moving forward with courage".
RW Bro. Robert Davenport - Grand Trustee Emeritus

M.W. Bro. James Gavins- Grand Master of Illinois

MW Bro.. Willie B. Evans Sr. - Past Grand Master

Me, Hiram Lodge #91

Representatives of

Cornerstone Lodge #91 and Princess Syene Chapter #114 in Decatur

Bro. Berry and Bro. Washington want to know, "Are you a Turtle?"


Brother Angelo Jones - Grand Senior Warden

Me !!

Bro. Calvin B. Wright - Worthy Grand Patron


Bro. Herman E. Gray Jr. -Past Worthy Grand Patron

both of Eureka Grand Chapter and Illinois.

Jachin Lodge #133 and MW Bro. Willie B. Evans Sr. - Hawiian Style