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A Message to Masons

For the past fifty years or so, there has been a disturbing trend, particularly in American Freemasonry, to cravenly yield to non-Masonic influences and summarily abandon the practical reasons that historically compelled men to become Masons. Some "modern" Masons even go so far as to abet anti-Masons in condemning traditional Masonic tenets and practices by openly declaring them to be in some degree gauche and politically incorrect. It is therefore quite understandable why Brothers who ardently believe in traditional Masonry, sit around staring vainly into space wondering in bewilderment why Freemasonry has been, and continues to be, in such decline.

Yes, of course, there are the wonderful philosophical, spiritual, and social benefits extant throughout the Craft, but the business, financial, political, and practical matters of life have been so stifled in American Masonry today that it would be virtually unrecognizable by men like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and, well, just about everyone else of note in our past. It appears to be the inevitable result of a dissembling political correctness that has the "powers that be" terrified of appearing to the public somewhat elitist and inordinately influential in the affairs of the world.

The fact seems to be that, if this downward trend is not corrected, the obligations that we made to each other before God and the Brotherhood will be less and less meaningful. Those who believe in the letter of those obligations will understand precisely what I am addressing. However, those who believe and declare that we must first see to the welfare of the world BEFORE we see to the welfare of our own Brothers clearly understand very little and are sacrificing much in exchange for a marginally acceptable declaration in the arena of public opinion. They are, in my opinion, both individually and collectively responsible for American Freemasonry's steady erosion and decline.

Those of us who believe that American Freemasonry can be restored and a second "golden age" created, are of one mind and one heart in this effort. Paradoxically, all that is required to bring a Masonic reformation about is really nothing more than actually fulfilling the letter of the obligations we, of our own free will and accord, took upon ourselves . . . Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. It is not any more demanding or complicated than that!

By Brother James W. McKenna
published with his permission from his website


Boone Lodge #314 was constituted on October 14, 1873.
Our current lodge hall was dedicated in 1972. 
It is located at 401 Hwy 62-65 South in Harrison Arkansas.
3613'00N   9304'44W



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