WHO COMES HERE? A Brother who has taken the first step in Masonry, out of darkness toward the light, from dim instinct into dawning insight, from the chaos of senses into the ordered beauty of moral law, spiritual relations, and righteous purpose; a seeker who has found in the lodge the ground plan of a Temple, vast and slowly rising, whereon he would be a Builder, making his life a living stone, shaped and polished by the Master of all good work; an Apprentice in the knowledge of God and the service of man who fain would be a just and upright Mason

WHAT CAME YOU HERE TO DO? To discover myself, and how to rule and use the strange powers within my nature; to improve myself in the art of masonry, by which the Rough Ashlar of youth is wrought into the Perfect Ashlar of man hood, noble, and true; to learn to live with love and care upon the Level, by the Plumb and Square; to master my passions, and win the high promise of a character established in strength and wisdom; to find the meaning of my life and its fulfillment in a Beloved Community, a brother and builder, faithful, fearless and free.

WHAT DO YOU MOST DESIRE? To walk in the light, to know the truth, to live in the glory of an illumined world; to ascend the Winding Stairs of knowledge to widen outlooks and great freedoms of the mind; to be taught the liberal arts and the seven sciences of man, and how to play Divine music on the harp of the Senses; to enter the Chamber of Imagery where the symbols of God hallow our mortal life casting over its fleeting days and flying hours an august memory and an eternal hope to find balm for my sorrow and solace for my seven solitude's.

ENTER AND FEAR NO EVIL! The Lodge is a House of light, its center an Alter, it roof the sky, reflecting on earth the law and rhythm of the love are joined, giving us a gleam of white light to guide us in the dim country of the world. Here gather men seeking the good life, keepers of old and simple symbols, and a wisdom tried by the time and found to be true. Follow and thou shall find what thou are ready and worthy to know; if thou has humility to learn and valor to make adventure.










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