This graphic image depicts some of the well known Masons in history. Left to right they are: King Solomon (believed to be a Mason), George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Confederate General Lewis A. Armistead being aided by Union Captain Henry H. Bingham, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Douglas MacArthur, and Buzz Aldrin.

Some well known and respected men - including business, military, intellectual, political and religious leaders - have been or are Masons, not shown are: Gene Autry - Irving Berlin - Ernest Borgnine - Omar Bradley - James Buchanan - Richard E. Byrd - Mark Clark - Ty Cobb - James Doolittle - Arthur Conan Doyle - "Duke" Ellington - Henry Ford - Gerald Ford - Clark Gable - James Garfield - Arthur Godfrey - John Hancock - Warren Harding - Sam Houston - Burl Ives - Andrew Jackson - Andrew Johnson - John Paul Jones - Rudyard Kipling - Charles Lindbergh - William McKinley - James Monroe - Wolfgang Mozart - Norman Vincent Peale - J. C. Penney - Roy Rogers - Will Rogers - Theodore Roosevelt - "Red" Skelton - John Phillip Sousa - William Howard Taft - Danny Thomas - Harry S. Truman - Joseph Warren - John Wayne

You must ask to become a Mason. A Mason will not ask you. This is not because we don't want to ask or because we are secretive in our membership, it is merely one of the rules we live by. Any man who has a belief in God may ask for a petition. Your religion does not matter to the fraternity. Our members are of all faiths. Masonry does not teach religion, it teaches that you practice your own religion. You must, however, be voted into membership.

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