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Test Your Masonic Knowledge

A Freemason Quiz
(Based On The Grand Lodge Of Texas AF & AM)

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1. Was Hiram Abif a real person?

  No, the story is a Masonic allegory
     Yes, He's found in Kings 7:13-15
     Yes, Hiram was a great Masonic leader during the middle
          ages who founded the Grand Lodge of England of England
          in 1717

2. Was Albert Pike's book, Morals and Dogma the final authority for

      It was the authority over the southern states
      No, his book was written for the Scottish Rite, which is an
          appendent orginization that a minority of Masons belong to
          and not for the Masonic Lodge
      It was the authority over all states

3. What are the 3 main supports of the Lodge?

      Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens
      The Holy Bible, Square and Compasses
      Wisdom, Strength and Beauty

4. The Pillars of the Porch are a symbols for?

      Unity, Peace and Plenty
      The Holy Bible, Square and Compasses
      Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master

5. Can a member hold any office, in each Lodge where he is a
      member, at the same time?

      No. only you can only hold one office at a time
      Yes, you can hold any office, in each Lodge at the same
          time, except Worshipful Master
      Yes, you can hold any office in each Lodge where you are
          a member

6. Is a 32° Mason more of a Mason than a 3° Mason?

      No, because everything that makes you a Mason is taught
          in first three degrees
      Yes, because he is better educated about Masonry
      No, because you are not required to learn the 4° thru the

7. What were the three principal rungs, in the ladder
     Jacob saw in his vision?

      Unity, Peace and Plenty
      Wisdom, Strength and Beauty
      Faith, Hope and Charity

8. Behold, How good and how pleasant it is for . . .

      Brethren to dwell together in Brotherhood
      Brethren to dwell together in unity
      Brethren to dwell together in peace and harmony

9. What are Cowens?

      Cowens were unskilled stone workers who tried to pass as
          master stonemasons
      Cowens are men who try to learn the secrets of the Masonic
      Cowens were the goat herders in the middle ages

10. What are Eavesdroppers?

      Eavesdroppers worked with cowens to learn the secrets of
          the Masonic Lodge
     Eavesdroppers were thatched roof workers
      In the middle ages, houses had stone walls about 5 or 6 feet
          high with thatched roofs. Any passers by standing under the
          eves to avoid rain could hear anything said inside

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