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Billie Mosse Lodge Officers 2010/2011

Mosse Officers
Email Addresses
Keith Bates, W.M. (903) 624-3808 k_bates@sbcglobal.net
Jack Mayo, S.W. (903) 813-8482 grumpyjack@cableone.net
Joel Followell, J.W. (903) 463-9556 bfolowel@swbell.net
James Harris, Tres. (903) 465-1633 james3553@att.net
Harold Franks, Sec. (903) 465-5870 billiemosse@att.net
Rusty Denny, Chap. (903) 465-7780  
Jimmy Cravens, S.D. (903) 463-2114 JCRAVENS@denisonisd.net
Michael Lorensen, J.D. (903) 465-6844
Sam Mitchell, S.Stwrd. (903) 744-4179  
Joe Kietz J.Stwrd. (903) 327-8543  
Ronnie Smith, Marshal (903) 462-3414  
Clifford Carrigan, M.C. (903) 465-2102  
Robert Doran, Musician (903) 463-5113  
Tim Neal, Tyler (903) 463-7176  

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