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Trestleboard Newsletter

Spring is finally here and with the improved weather I hope everybody can come and visit our Lodge.  April brings many visitors to our Lodge; DDGM John Jackson will have his official visit April 10, 2003 and on April 24, 2003 Charlie’s Angels will raise our last Fellow Craft to Master Mason.

We have received a new petition and will vote April 10, 2003. If it's accepted I hope to have a First Degree May 8, 2003. May 22 will be Past Master Night in the East.  If your health permits please show the support for your Lodge and support your officers in the up and coming months. 

Reminder - if you have forgotten to pay your dues, please contact the secretary. Steve is shy and doesn’t want to upset anybody. But don't show up in June without your new dues card because the Tyler will guard the Door, and he has a big sword."


I am sorry to say that this month we have to report that two of our Brethren have gone this way before us. Brother William N. Wedemeyer was called from labor along with Brother Roy E. Partenheimer. Unfortunately the family did not contact the lodge till late the night before the funeral, so no Masonic service was provided. Bro. Roy Partenheimer Masonic Service was provided by his Grandson Wro. Bro. Keith Tomazi. I am sorry to say that I did not have the opportunity to know Bro. Wedemeyer, so I am unable to speak of his Masonic history. However, I did have the opportunity to know Bro. Partenheimer, and I am proud to say that he was truly a fine gentleman and one who did exhibit the true ideals of Masonry.


Marion G. Gilley April 18, 1958

Michael C. Medley April 28, 1988



* Brother Leonard Byassee is home and doing well and is almost ready to return to lodge.
* Brother Glynn Boswell is presently still unable to get out.
* Brother Russ Hucker is home and is getting out doing a little walking.
* Brother Rob Noonan is still at home trying to get well so as to return to lodge. It was reported that the therapy is helping, and he is getting some pain free minutes in his neck.


Pio Petralli, Robert L. Crader, Everett L. Giffin, George F. Meier, Thomas E. O’Conner, David B. Oglesby, Robert L. Watts, Earl F. Burkhardt, Curtis W. Childress, Francis H. Lewandoski, Gerald O. Mizell, Richard D. Gwydir III, Victor E. Hugo, Stanley A. Frederiksen, Joe P. Rinehart, John H. Hatfield, Robert L. McBride.



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If you have not paid your dues please try and do so. The first of May is slowly coming and if your dues are not current a letter will be sent to once again remind you to pay your dues.
If by June 1st they are still unpaid your name will be removed from the roster, and so noted in the lodge minutes. At the same time the secretary will send your name to Grand Lodge so they may remove you from their records.
Your dues do help support the Lodges charitable activities.