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Batavia Lodge 404 Trestleboard
December 2003

From the East...

We have some exciting things going on at Batavia 404. We have a new slate of officers that just got started.  Everybody seems excited to learn their new job.  We have two new candidates and a third who just got his First Degree.  I think they’ll be a great addition, if their enthusiasm is any indication.
I know we will be busy with Degree work.  We possibly will have a Blue Lightening in January.  If you can help us put on a First Degree or you want to see Degree work, come on over. We can always use the help.
I want to thank everybody involved with our installation on November 2nd. Richard Kenneavy, Bernie Vogt, Dale Corrice, John Ingram, Hugh Cole and June Oxe did a terrific job on the installing part.  My mom (Geri) and my dad (Ray) and Vicki Jones took charge of the refreshments.  They were great too.
This month we have our annual Poinsettia delivery to the Lodge Widows.  This is one of the best things we do during the year.  I can’t believe the Christmas season is upon us already!  Then again, I am still in January 2003!  This year has gone too fast.
Brethren, don’t let next year go by as fast without doing something Masonic!   You’re always invited to the Lodge for the 7:30 meetings on Mondays.  You must see us for a Lumberjack breakfast.  They’re guaranteed to keep you full all day. Of course, they’re the last Sunday of the month.  No breakfast served during December.
We’re working on famous Mason reports for the upcoming regular meetings.  John Wayne, the Wright brothers and many others will be featured.  Check it out!!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2004!!
 Curt Morrison Worshipful Master

From the West...

As the Holidays are approaching, I must start with a hearty HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. This year looks to be filled with fun opportunities for those that attend our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month. Our Master, Curt Morrison, has many ideas and we will be supporting his vision of the ensuing year.
I am starting to look to the East and think about the following year.  So I ask you–what do you want to do?  I have 10 months to take suggestions. So call me, or better yet, tell me at a meeting!!!  What is important to you!
Just as a body needs activities and exercise to be healthy, so does OUR Lodge.  The more we do, the more we are involved, the healthier Batavia 404 is.  The healthier the lodge is, the more it can do to enrich our lives. More active members = more activities.  Batavia Lodge is a living institution that needs our support to survive. So bring your life to the lodge and reap the benefits of membership in so fine an institution as Freemasonry. We have degree work coming up.  So call me and find out the who, what, when (630-761-0865).

 Ed Steffy Senior Warden

From the South...
Yes, it’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us, but it is!  From our house to yours, we want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!!
Here are a few thoughts to ponder for all seasons.

The Entered Apprentice Degree
“Let there be light” the great Creator spoke.
And, at the summons, slumbering nature woke.
While from the east the primal morning broke.
Back rolled the curtains of the night. And earth rejoiced to see the light.
“Let there be light” the Master’s lips proclaimed
And heart and hand unite in glad acclaim.
To hail the enrollment of a Brother’s name,
 While he beholds with ravished sight.
The glories of the perfect light.
            Thomas W. Davis

The Fellowcraft Degree
But I am given strength and skill
To do the work assigned to me.
Whatever my task, it is God’s will
That I perform it worthily.
A living stone make fit to grace
The Temple’s walls, and help them rise.
Although it fill but humble place.
A little nearer to the skies.
            George H. Free

The Master Mason Degree
Let us then be forging, forging stronger still the Mystic chain.
For the glory of the meeting and the work that doth remain.
In the spirit of the Poet, let us do our work with care
“As we meet upon the Level, and we part upon the Square”
            L. B. Mitchel

Don’t forget, we now have King Solomon’s Pass.  You get six breakfasts for the price of five or $20.00.
We want to welcome our newly appointed RWDDGM of the 17 N. District, Brother Richard A. Mickelsen.  Congratulations Rick!  We will miss Brother Bernie Vogt.
We would also like to welcome our youngest Entered Apprentice, John S. Duros, age 72.
Hope you come out to meetings and support our new Master and officers. Have a very

Merry Holiday Season.
Dan Jones, Sr. Junior Warden

From the Secretary...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. A reminder: dues are due December 31. 2003 and to the two members that owe 2002-2003, please remit.  You will be suspended for non-payment next year.  We have tried to call you with no answer.  If you need help, let us know.
Don’t forget we meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:30 p.m. and would like to see you now and then.
We have a new web site!!!! It’s
Visit our web site and let us know what you think. Also, if you have an e-mail address, please email it to me at

Harold A. Hall (Bosco, Secretary)

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