Barberton Lodge No.750-News Articles


A Master of Barberton Lodge runs for Mayor of Norton

Article from the Akron Beacon Journal – October 1983

In Norton, we believe it is time for a change. Mayor Deuber, the Republican candidate for re-election to a second term, has been generally adequate in the job, but we think Democrat Robert Krosnick, could do more for the city.


For further Industrial, commercial and residential growth, Norton needs more water and sewer service than is now available – but many residents, living tracts and feeling adequately served by wells and septic system, see no need for a central system. In this and other problems Mayor Deuber, while coping as best he could, has given the impression that his basic view is that nothing can really be done


  Mr. Krosnick, on the other hand, while recognizing the difficulties, showing strong optimism that indeed solutions can be found .His enthusiasm for His enthusiasm for Norton and its future seems infectious.

                         Barberton Lodge No. 750 - Donates History Book to Library

-By the Barberton Herald (1981)-


        Freemasonry has been an active force in the State since 1970. In order that the general public might become aware of what the organization is all about and realize some of the contributions it has made to the development of Ohio’s frontier. Barberton Lodge No.750 has donated a brand new book to the Barberton Public Library. Worshipful Brother Lawrence Powell, Worshipful Master of Barberton Lodge No.750, presented the book “Frontier Cornerstone, 1790-1980, Freemasonry in Ohio” to the director of the Barberton Public Library, Mrs. Barbara Kirbawy last week.

“We are always more than happy to accept gift books or books left as a memorial donation here at the Barberton Public Library,” Mrs. Kirbawy noted.

Worshipful Brother Powell explained that the new book is to devote to Masonry in Ohio and presents information about the activities and contributions made by the Grand Lodge of Ohio since 1790. Mrs. Kirbawy added that the book will be added to a collection of reading material concerning Masonry already at the Library. Update – as of May 6, 2008, the Barberton Public library still has the book in circulation. 



           Charter Member Verner McKee Receives Service Award

The Barberton Herald (03/04/1986)

        William S. Biggs, left, and Kenneth Corley, right, Senior Warden and Worshipful Master,   respectively, of Barberton Lodge No.750 .F&AM, are pictured with local centenarian, Verner C. McKee of Doylestown, who was presented an award in recognition for his 60 years a Freemason. McKee was born .June 5, 1885 at Beaver Falls, Penn., in a family of eight. Two other brothers survive. He was first employed by Penn Bridge Co. and later with Standard Scale & Supply Co. On Oct15th, 1918, he went to work for Babcock & Wilcox Co., retiring in 1952. He became a Freemason by joining Wadsworth Lodge in 1921 and became a charter member of Barberton Lodge No. 750 in 1953 at its chartering. McKee has two living sons, Robert of Doylestown and Eugene of Barberton: also numerous grand children and great grandchildren.

        He is genial, alert, of excellent   memory, and enjoys life including trips to Las Vegas. He has few health problems and has no pet theories as to his longevity save for the Grace of God.



30 Year Old · Idea­ Finally Gets Patent (Barberton Herald- 8/25/1976)

     Former Portage Lakes resident, 75 year old Dean N. Davis has had a 39 year old idea for water saving toilet attachment patented by the U.S. Patent Office recently.

  Stuck at home with the flu two years ago, he read in the newspaper about a water crisis and people piling bricks in their toilet water tanks to conserve the precious natural resource water. His 30 year old idea flashed to mind and he went out to his shed alongside his mobile home in Yountville, California and fashioned out of surplus plastic pipe and two Styrofoam ornaments, his invention designed to save an average household 50 gallons of water daily.


  Instead of using five gallons every time a toilet is flushed, someone with Davis' device would have an option. A high ·volume flush would. Still deliver five gallons for solids, while a smaller one of two and one-half ·gallons would be sufficient for, liquids. A family using the dual flush mechanism might save as much as 18,000 gallons per year, and save on local water rates.


Davis has now; secured his U. S Patent for the device and simplicity is one of the proclaimed virtues of the invention.


50TH Year Award Presentation - March 16TH 2009



On March 16th, Right Worshipful Brother Dewey Jenkins presented the awards to Worshipful Master Don Murray and Brother Herbert Johnson

In the history of Barberton Lodge this was the first time, a presiding Master received his 50th year Award during his year as Worshipful Master of Barberton No.750