Eligibility For Joining Job's Daughters

The International Order of Job's Daughters is one of today's outstanding character-building organizations for young women, ages 11 to 20 who are related to a Master Mason.

Job's Daughters teaches its members many things. Among them are the principles of respect for parents and home, loyalty to country and flag and reverence for GOD. As members of this organization young ladies will:

Build self-confidence

Exercise talents

Develop leadership abilities

Make new and lasting friendships

Enjoy fun activities

Be of service to others


and much, much more.

Exciting opportunities await young girls today. As a member of Job's Daughters, you can learn skills that will help you to meet life's challenges. Education is very important to Job's Daughters so none of our activities should interfere with schoolwork or responsibilities at home. Every year Job's Daughters awards scholarships to help our members achieve their educational and scholastic goals.

Girls between the ages of 11 to 20 years who are direct descendants of a Master Mason, adopted by law, step-daughters, step-grand-daughters, sisters, half-sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces, grandnieces, first or second cousins of a Master Mason or so related to his wife or widow are eligible for membership in Job's Daughters. Daughters of Majority Members are also eligible and invited to join.