The Amritian On Line February 2000

Monarch's Message

        The month of December proved to be one of mixed emotions as we went from annual elections, installation, and the death of a highly respected Past Monarch to the beginning of a new century.   It is very difficult for me to express my profound sadness at the passing of P.M. Jim Bishop.  To me, he personified everything our order teaches, dedication, wisdom, and loyalty.  Age, distance and health problems failed to prevent him from attending our meetings and the various Grotto functions. 


        When it came to our Grotto, Jim could always be counted on to render aid or advice to those of us who are striving to achieve the high standards he set.   I feel fortunate to have known him and will miss his friendship, advice and council.  On behalf of Amrita Grotto, I extend our symphony and condolences to his family at their great loss.


        At this month's meeting, we will give out committee assignments and will begin the process that will culminate in hosting the sixty-sixth Southwestern Grotto Association convention.  We will be seeking advice and help from all of you, your ladies, and friends.  With your help, we will make this convention the standard against which all future conventions will be judged. 


By the time you receive this, we will have signed the contracts with the Holiday Inn, and possibly with a printer for our program.  It will be the responsibility of the publicity committee to then go out and sell the ads to enable us to have a memorable program.


The following assignments have been made: General Convention Chairman, P.M. Robert L. Walters, 1st V.P.; Convention Chairman, Bernard Rosenberg; Registration Chairman: P.M. Jesse Lewis; Housing Chairman: P.M. Fred Stecher.  More assignments and information will be forthcoming at our meeting this month.


          Be sure to mark March 4th down on your calendar.  We will be holding our first Bingo of the New Year at 6:30 the Masonic Temple dining room.  As usual, there is no cost to members and their guests.  The grotto will furnish all soft drinks, coffee and snacks at no charge to you. 


Bernard Rosenberg, Monarch

Amrita Grotto’s Newest Members


The month of January brought 8 new Prophets.  Their names and their Blue Lodges are as follow:


¨       Billy J. Owens, Van Buren #6

¨       Jim Davis, Long View #404, TX

¨       Aaron J. South,  Russellville #274

¨       Bud Eubanks, Belle Point #20

¨       William Givens, Sebastion #706

¨       Alton Stubblefield, Charleston #155

¨       Todd Lincks, Charleston #155

¨       Harold Conner, Charleston #155


Prophets Lost in the Forest


Prophet:         P.M. James F. Bishop

Born:             April 28, 1924 at Panama, Oklahoma

Member:        Sebastian Lodge #706, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Initiated:        Amrita Grotto December 31, 1969

Deceased:      December 29, 1999


Prophet:         Edmund J. Moore

Born:             January 31, 1909 at Morganfield, Kentucky

Member:        Belle Point Lodge #20, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Initiated:        Amrita Grotto December 5, 1947

Deceased:      December 31, 1999


Prophet:         George McKinney

Born:             January 16, 1922 at Van Buren, Arkansas

Member:        Temple Lodge #755, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Initiated:        Amrita Grotto April 10, 1959

Deceased:      January 9, 2000

Upcoming Event


March 4th           BINGO, 6:30 PM

Masonic Temple


March 8th           Friendship Dinner, 6:30 PM

Varsity Sports Grill, Fort Smith, AR


March 10th         Stated Meeting

6:30 PM   Dinner

7:30 PM Meeting

Masonic Temple


May 6th               Spring Ceremonial, 10:00 AM

Masonic Temple


July 22nd             Past Monarch’s Dinner, 6:30 PM

Masonic Temple


September 1 to 4, 2000  

Southwestern Grotto Association Convention

Holiday Inn Civic Center

Fort Smith, Arkansas


October 21st       Fall Ceremonial, 10:00 AM

Masonic Temple



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