Welcome to the Valley of Springfield, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. 

You are about to begin your pilgrimage through the Scottish Rite Degrees and it may become to you one of the greatest and most inspiring experiences of your life.  If you become a Prince of the Royal Secret by receiving the Thirty-Second Degree and are no better than when you began your adventure, your investment of time and money will have been in vain. 

If, however, you bring a receptive mind and a sensitive heart to these Degrees, you will indeed be a wiser and a better man.  Many men have been reborn, intellectually and spiritually, during the conferring of the Degrees.  It is the hope and desire of the Brethren that your experience may be rich and significant.

Each and every reunion is planned with you, the candidate, participant or member, in mind.  Our every effort is directed toward your enjoyment and personal growth.  Sit back, relax and delight in the joy and majesty of Scottish Rite.

You are invited to be involved as an actor, director, stage personnel or in any way you are able to contribute.  The future of this organization is with you, It's members.  We value each one of you and welcome your help and suggestions as to how we can continue to grow and improve.  Please contact the Executive Secretary if you with to participate in any way and he will turn your name over to the proper chairman.

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