Scottish Rite degree work is divided into Historical Sections

 Ineffable Degrees

4° - 14° - Conferred in a "Lodge of Perfection"

4° - Master Traveler
    An exploration of Masonry’s time-honored wisdom in harmony with any man’s faith or creed.
5° - Perfect Master
    This degree describes how selfish thoughts and unworthy ambitions corrupt and destroy the moral spirit of man.
6° - Master of the Brazen Serpent
    This degree teaches Faith, Courage and Discipline help to keep us strong and secure.
7° - Provost and Judge
    The importance of right conduct in our daily lives,do not judge hastily, be just, fair, and merciful.
8° - Intendant of the Building
    Each new honor is a step toward moral perfection and that each honor earned demands attention to a particular duty.
9° - Master of the Temple
    This degree shows that God is best served by those who best serve their fellowmen.
10° - Master Elect
    Learn from the errors of your fellow man and be aware of the consequences of the violation of your obligations.
11° - Sublime Master Elected
    Public office is a public trust, and that public officials owe a special obligation to those whom they are chosen to serve.
12° - Master of Mercy
    The quality of forgiveness, a spirit of compassion and a tenderness of heart to cease to feel enmity or resentment toward others.
13° - Master of the Ninth Arch
    The true and faithful should not be deterred by difficulties and dangers, however great, from pressing onward toward Perfection.
14° - Grand Elect Mason
    This degree describes the constant endeavor of perfection of character.


Historical Degrees

15° - 16° - Conferred in a "Council of Princes of Jerusalem"

15° - Knight of the East
    This degree teaches the important lessons of loyalty to conviction, fidelity to duty and devotion to Truth.
16° - Prince of Jerusalem
    This degree is a drama of the rewards found in the lessons of the 15 degree



Philosophical Degrees

17° - 18° - Conferred in a "Chapter of Rose Croix"

17° - Knight of the East and West
    This degree teaches that one should learn from, and avoid repeating, the errors of the past.
18° - Knight of the Rose Croix of H. R. D. M.
    The principles of tolerance are affirmed and grants to each man the right to answer, in his own way, his convictions.

Conferred in a "Chapter of Rose Croix"


Traditional and Chivalric Degrees

19° - 32° - Conferred in a "Consistory" of the Royal Secret

19° - Grand Pontiff
    This degree proclaims belief in God no matter what religion, should unite men together.
20° - Master Ad Vitam
    This degree confronts disloyalty and treason, and condemns those who conspire against the security of the nation.
21° - Patriarch Noachite
    This degree teaches that Freemasonry is not a shield for evil doing and that justice is one of the chief supports of our fraternity.
22° - Prince of Libanus
    This degree teaches that labor is dignified. It is a privilege, for man to be allowed to earn his sustenance by work.
23° - Chief of the Tabernacle
    This degree teaches that those with faith in God and love for their fellow man will make great sacrifices to help others.
24° - Brother of the Forest
    This degree teaches that a mutual belief in a Supreme Power should bind all men together in a world-wide brotherhood.
25° - Master of Achievement
    This degree teaches that man must work if he is to receive the wages of life and develops the virtue of industriousness.
26° - Friend and Brother Eternal
    The principles of forbearance, charity, and fraternal love and the virtues of brotherhood give rise to the practice of good citizenship.
27° - Knight of Jerusalem
    The individual must be governed by his own conscience, without compromise of principle or conviction.
28° - Knight of the Sun
    By building high moral character among its adherents, Freemasonry may advance man's unity and good will  throughout the world.
29° - Knight of St. Andrew
    The teachings of equality and toleration, faithfulness to our own convictions, and respect for the opinions of others.
30° - Grand Inspector
    Justice is is found when we listen attentively and without prejudice, deliberate calmly and impartially, and act decisively.
31° - Knight Aspirant
    Love is the eternal gift of God, obey the dictates of conscience, respond loyally to your country’s call and the call of humanity.
32° - Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
    Victory of the spiritual over the human in man and the conquest of appetites and passions by moral sense and reason.

Official Degree

33° - Conferred by the Supreme Council


33° -  Sovereign Grand Inspector General -
    This Degree is conferred by the Supreme Council upon Freemasons of the 32° in recognition of distinguished Masonic or Public service.

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