History of Durand Lodge No. 302

A. F. & A. M.

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November 4. 1858
Upon the receipt of the dispensation from the Grand Lodge, Durand Lodge met under dispensation for the first time with the following officers:
W. T. Crouch Worshipful Master
W. B. Cook Senior Warden
J. W. Moore Junior Warden
D. Porter Treasurer
M. B. Clough Secretary
E. V. Williams Senior Deacon
D. H. Smith Junior Deacon
Z. Whitmyer Tyler
The by-laws were read and adopted. The minutes do not mention where the meeting was held but talk of paying $6.25 for rent.
September 1, 1859
The 29th meeting was held. Grand Lodge dues and the charter fees were paid and W. T. Crouch was elected delegate to attend Grand Lodge.

October 14, 1859
Durand Lodge under dispensation was regularly opened. Bro. E. F. W. Ellis from Star in the East Lodge No. 166 in Rockford appeared as proxy for the Grand Master Ira A. W. Buck and the Lodge was constituted Durand Lodge No. 302 and officers were installed.
November 17, 1864
The fees were raised to $5.00 for each degree.
January 5, 1865
A committee was appointed to rent Mosley Hall.
January 19, 1865
They were authorized to purchase the building if it could be bought for $1,000.
February 21, 1865
The records show that a warranty deed was received from B. F. Mosely and wife to the finance committee.
December 21, 1876
The Lodge voted to inform Grand Lodge that it does not approve establishing a Masonic Home at this time.
June 15, 1880
Bro. Harris was instructed to confer with Mr. Rhodes as to building a two story brick building.
April 20, 1882
It was moved that the three principal officers of the lodge ascertain what the lodge building could sell for and report at some future meeting.
January 1883
It was moved that the lodge repair the building and negotiate for higher rent. Repairs were made and the store under the lodge hall rented August 20, 1891 to R. Webster for $125 per year.
January 6, 1898
Master and Wardens were given authority to purchase the building on the north lot. It was purchased for $400. For the next few years the lodge was laying aside funds for the future. At different times the discussion of a new temple was presented.
January 8, 1920
Bro. T. H. Young presented the Lodge with a gavel he had made from a piece of wood which he had salvaged from the ruins of the chapter house in France in April 1919
June 11, 1929
Bro. F. S. Dahlberg passed away. The Lodge was notified by his administrator Bro. Judd D. Van Sickle that he had bequeathed certain stocks, bonds and properties to the Lodge to be used
December 1930
Bro. M. W. Langley was elected Worshipful Master. Soon after that the finance committee made a trip to the Grand Lodge to obtain information on the procedure necessary to comply with their requirements for building a new temple.
August 20,1931
Plans had been drawn and okayed by the Grand Lodge on which contractor August Hollquist and architect Wolfley had made a bid of $12,000. A motion was made and carried to accept the plans. The finance committee was instructed to contract with August Hollquist to build the Temple. The committee proceded to sell the buildings for $835. The Lodge moved to temporary quarters in the I. O. O. F. hall for the duration of the building of the temple.
November 5, 1931
The cornerstone waqs laid by G. Haven Stephens, Grand Master and other Grand officers. Bro. Charles S. Baker, being the oldest living member, acted as Pursuivant and Bro. P.E. Crowder, the oldest Past Master, carried the constitution. The following articles were placed in the cornerstone: History of Durand Lodge No. 302 A. F. & A. M., list of Lodge officers, picture of F. S. Dahlberg and testimony telling of his bequests which made possible the erection of the temple and the three art glass windows in back of the Master were designed by Bro. Axel Erickson.
April 6, 1932
The temple was completed and the dedication ceremonies were held on this date. At 10:00 AAM the Master Mason degree was confered on Bro. Raymond E. Bliss. At noon a dinner was served by the members of Eastern Star. At 2:00 PM the dedication services were conducted by G. Haven Stephens, Grand Master and Karl Mohr, Grand Orator. At 7:15 PM the Master Mason degree was confered on Bro M. O. Miller.

Cost of the Temple and furnishings was $12,581 and was dedicated free ofdebt. Officers during the building of the temple were:
M. W. Langley Worshipful Master
Walter Bliss Senior Warden
Allen Amundson Junior Warden
E. G. Patterson Treasurer
N. O. Patterson Secretary
Axel Erickson Senior Deacon
Charles Laube Junior Deacon
Raymond W. Bliss Senior Steward
Stewart Baker Junior Steward
E. W. Meier Marshal
William Harris Tyler
The depression was really upon the country at the time of building the temple. The Finance committee paid the contractor as fast as possible and the entire contract was paid before the two banks were forced to close.

January 5, 1933
It was moved and seconded that the Lodge extend a rising vote of thanks to M. W. Langley and the other officers for their energetic time and labor during the building of the temple.
August 1, 1935
The minutes state that the Lodge is noe out of debt with all notes for building construction paid.
September 19, 1935
At the meeting there was a ceremonial burning of several paid notes.
September 1937
The roof of the building was re-ecoated at a total cost of $40.03.
August 18, 1938
It was voted to purchase a new electric stove at a cost of $40.00 and a proper ballot box at a cost of $10.51.
1930's - 1940's
Periodically there were bills paid for cigars that must have been supplied to members at their meetings.
February 1940
Purchased a Lodge seal at a cost of $8.75
April 18, 1940
A contract was awarded to A. W. Carlson to decorate the interior of the temple. He painted the picture, Ricer of Jordan, that hangs on the north wall. The total cost for the project was $480.00.
August 7, 1941
It was voted to purchase three screen doors and six window screens at a cost of $33.95 plus $4.50 for installation.
August 21, 1941
W. Bro. Karl J. Mohr of Star in the East Lodge No. 166 was made an honory member of Durand Lodge. He was Deputy Grand Master.
May 6, 1943
A new Roof was put on the temple for $229.
May 26, 1943
A service flag was dedicated Blue stars were pinned on the red and white flag for each member of the armed forces. The minutes do not say who the ten stars represent, but the cash book shows that dues were remitted to Robert Langley, Wayne Johnson, W. T. Rose, Ira Kinder, Floyd Riegle and W. G. Thimsen.
October 19, 1944
Donated again to the war fund.
June 7, 1945
Voted to send $1.00 per member as a contribution to the war service center. There were 88 members.
December 6, 1945
Purchaased a $100 F series bond.
March 7, 1946
Voted to remit dues to members serving in the armed forces from the time of induction to the time of discharge.
October 1947
The roof was re-coated for a cost of $65.
February 3, 1949
The service flag was retired, probably when the last serviceman returned home.
March 3, 1949

March 17, 1949
Bro. Albert Ohl received his 50-year pin. He was a Master Mason for 56 years and was celebrating his 90th birthday.
March 16, 1950
The fees for the degrees were raised to $40 - $15 for Entered apprentice, $10 for Fellowcraft, and $15 for Master Mason.
July 6, 1950
Paid $425 for a new roof on the temple.
November 16, 1950
It was recommended that all members drafted and in the service have their dues remitted.
December 20, 1951
Dues were raised from $5.00 to $7.00 annually.
January 19, 1956
Purchased $1700 United States J Bonds.
Durand celebrated its centennial as a village with numerous festivities in which various members of the Lodge participated.
October 4, 1956
Bro. Chester Hartley received his 50 year pin.
March 1958
The interor of the temple was painted and redecorated for $551.83.
August 7, 1958
The interior of the temple was painted and redecorated for $551.83.
October 3, 1959
Durand Lodge No. 302 A.F. & A.M. celebrated their 100th Anniversary with a dinner at the Grange Hall. One hundred fifty Masons and wives attended at a cost of $2.00 per person. A sixty year member of this Lodge
November 19, 1959
A motion was made to purchase an oil burner conversion for the furnace for $275. Previously the temple was heated with wood and coal.
June 16, 1960
A fifty -year pin was presented to W. Bro. Niles Patterson.
June 7, 1962
It was voted to convert the U. S. Bonds to a Certificate of Deposit at Durand State Bank. A total of $2300 was invested.
July 1962
The temple was hooked up to the sewer line.
February 16, 1963
Six Fellowcraft degrees were conferred in an all day and evening meeting.
January 16, 1964
Dues were raised from $8.00 to $10.00 annually.
April 16, 1964
A new roof was put on the temple at a cost of $896.
June 19, 1964
Bro. T. H. Young and Bro. Fred Damon were presented thih their fifty-year pins. A letter was read from James Alden, a member of this Lodge for 65 years.
April 1, 1965
A proposed amendment to raise the fees for three degrees to $75 was defeated.
September 2, 1965
It was voted to allocate $4000 for installation of a new hot water heating system, repairing and painting windows and installation of aluminum storm windows. Letters were sent to the members resulting in numerous donations to the building Improvement Fund.
December 16, 1965
It was voted to borrow #2500 at 5 percent interest from the Durand State Bank for the building improvement.
February 3, 1966
It was voted to go 50-50 with the Eastern Star in remodeling the kitchen with a limit on the total cost of $800.
December 21, 1967
The by-laws were changed to have election of officers in October rather than December.
October 25, 1969
Fifty year-pins were presented to Bro. Burdette Hanford, and Bro. Fred Alger of Durand Lodge. A pin was also presented to Lee Farley of Bonaparte Lodge No. 73 of Bonaparte, Iowa Whose son Robert is a member of Durand Lodge.
June 18, 1970
A sixty-year pin was presented to W. Bro. Niles Patterson.
March 26, 1971
A dedication was held for the alter lights given by Anna McCullough in memory of her husband, Bro. Luther McCullough.
It appears that the first annual baseball game between the Knights of Columbus and the Masons in Durand was held this year. This annual event continues to be held with the procedes going to a Knights of Columbus charity and to the Shrine Burn Center.
November 27, 1972
An open installation of Officers was held with Frank Ryan installed as Worshipful Master. This began a time when certain Masonic events and cermonies were open to non-Masons and Women.
March 15, 1973
Meetings were changed from the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month to the 1st Thursday only with no meeting in July or August. Dues were also raised to $15.00 per year.
October 28, 1973
A dinner was held to honor Niles O. Peterson who has been a member of this Lodge for 63 years, serving six as Master (1918-1923) and 49 as Secretary (1924-1973).
February 7, 1974
The Lodge room was painted at a labor cost of $250. The paint waqs donated by Bro. Charles Greene.
November 10, 1975
Grand Master Albert W. Gylden issued an edict that the Pledge of Allegiance be repeated at all meetings.
November 16, 1975
A dinner was held honoring fifty-year members and Past Masters.
April 18, 1976
Funeral rites were held for Bro. Niles O. Patterson who passed away on April 16, 1976 after being a member of this Lodge for 66 years.
July 4, 1976
A float was built by the Lodge and Eastern Star for the Durand Bicentennial Parade in honor of the 200th birthday of our Nation. It was also in the parade at Rockton on July 5.
October 16, 1976
A new Secretary's chair and traveling Master's jewel were presented by Marie Patterson in memory of her father, Niles O. Patterson.
The Masonic Blood-Sharing Program begins. Durand Lodge has been one of the most faithful supporters of this program through the years with numerous brethern and their families supplying blood for this worthwhile project of the Grand Lodge of Illinois.
September 1, 1977
Rt. W. Bro. John D. Bernard was voted an honorary member of Durand Lodge.
September 29, 1977
A dinner was held with Bicknell Lodge No. 94 of Brodhead, Wisconsin. Following the dinner they opened and closed our Lodge with Wisconson ritual.
October 6, 1977
Dues were raised to $20.00 per year.
October 19, 1977
Durand Lodge visited Bicknell Lodge in Brodhead and wxemplified Illinois ritual in opening and closing the Lodge.
November 1977
The Durand library moved into the dining room of the Lodge hall. They donated toward payment of utility bills as rent. The library remained in our hall until sometime in 1979.
January 21, 1978
A Past Masters night was held with recognition for Bro. Kinney, a fifty-year member.
February 2, 1978
The will of Bro. Willard Hammond was read, noting a donation of $500 to Durand Lodge and $500 to the Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children in Chicago.
October 5, 1978
Voted to purchase four tables and forty steel chairs with the Willard Hammond bequest plus a memorial to Eastern Star in the name of Richard Alderman.
April 5, 1979
Rt. W. Bro. Charles W. Spatz was made an honory member of this Lodge. At this meeting it was also voted to donate $100 to the Durand Fireman's Association to aid in the purchase of their new rescue squad.
May 3, 1979
It was decided to donate $25.00 toward Durand's 4th of july celebration.
June 7, 1979
W. Bro. Robert E. Barnes, W. Bro. Charles Rimbey, and Bro. Lowell Gould were made honory members of Durand Lodge.
June 16, 1979
A dinner was held to honor Past Masters and 25-year-plus members. W. Bro. Merton Matteson and W. Bro. William Matteson of Rockton Lodge presented the Master with a traveling Master's Jewel.
September 6, 1979
The by-laws were changed so that the meeting time was always at 8:00 PM. Previously, it was at 7:30 PM from December through March and 8:00 PM from April through November. Also the fiscal year was changed to end May 31 instead of June 30 to coincide with that of Grand Lodge.
September 4, 1980
A memorial was received from the family of Bro. Everett Wallace. An outdoor Third Degree was held on the William Howard farm, rural Durand, with Durand Lodge No. 302 as host Lodge. Bro. Stanley A. Moate was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. At least 331 Brethren from 83 lodges from 5 states regestered at the degree.
October 4, 1980
A new roof was put on the temple by Carlson Roofing for a cost of $4000.
January 8, 1981
A bequest in excess of $20,000 was received from the estate of Thomas Smith.
March 5, 1981
It was voted to purchase a set of officers' aprons as a memorial to Bro Everett Wallace.
May 7, 1981
Rt. W. Bro. Charles Walters and Rt. W. Bro. James O. Kenagy were elected to honorary membership of this Lodge.
May 16, 1981
A dinner was held to honor Past Masters and fifty-year member Raymond W. Bliss.
June 4, 1981
Voted tp donate $50.00 toward Durand's celebration of its 125th year as an incorporated municipality.
September 3, 1981
An organ was donated by W. Bro. Truman Clark for the use and enjoyment of the Masons and Eastern Star.
October 1, 1981
Dues were raised to $25.00 yearly.
January 7, 1982
A charity fund was set up with some of the money from the Thomas Smith bequest as specified in his donation.
March 4, 1982
It was voted to donate $135 from the Thomas Smith Fund to the Durand Lions club to reduce their debt on the shelter house in Nick Saelens Memorial Park.
May 6, 1982
Voted to donate $135 from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund to sponsor a boy to Boys' State. Also at this meeting W. Bro. Charles Greene volunteered to have the front of the building sandblasted and sealed. He would pay the cost. Final cost of the project was $495 for Bro. Greene.
May 22, 1982
A potluck dinner was held to honor Past Masters of this Lodge.
June 3, 1982
It was voted to install a dropped ceiling with insulation and drop-in lights, make repairs on the heating plant and install a lighted sign on the front of the building as a memorial to Bro. Thomas Smith. The Repairs were made necessary by the rapidly rising utility costs.
September 2, 1982
The final cost of installing the dropped celing, insulation and light fixtures was $4.629.22.
September 18, 1982
A dinner was held for area senior citizens. The cost of $268 came from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund.
October 7, 1982
Voted to place an ad in the Durand High School annual at a cost of $30 from the Smith Charity Fund.
November 13, 1982
A second dinner was held for area senior citizens fron the Thomas Smith Charity Fund at a cost of $171.
March 26, 1983
A dinner was held to honor William Smith for his years of service to Durand Lodge, especially the last nine years as secretary. He was named by the Master to be the first Masonic Brother of the Year. A secretary's apron and case were presented to Bro. Smith in recognition of the fact that he was instumental in obtaining a set of officers aprons for the Lodge. Two weeks later he was honored by being named citizen of the year for the village of Durand.
May 5, 1983
A donation of $25 from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund was made to the Masonic Record newspaper. It was also decided to pledge $100 from the same fund to the Durand Jogging Trail.
May 21, 1983
A potluck dinner was held with members of Durand Lodge and Bicknell Lodge No. 94 of Brodhead and their wives. Following dinner members of Bicknell Lodge opened Lodge., simulated the first degree and closed the Lodge using Wisconsin ritual.
June 2, 1983
Voted to sponser a boy to Boys' State using funds from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund.
October 6, 1983
Decided to add $40 from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund to the $110 from the annual KC Mason baseball game to donate $150 to the Shrine Burn Center.
April 5, 1984
Voted to send a boy to Boys' State again using funds from the Thomas Smith Charity Fund.
May 3, 1984
Elected Most Worshipful Bro. E. Gene Ross, Grand Master of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the state of Illinois as an honory member of Durand Lodge. This will be presented at the 125th Anniversary dinner where he will be guest of honor.
May 12, 1984
A dinner was held to honor Masonic Brother of the Year, Charles Greene for his years of service to this Lodge. The work that he has done to maintain the quality of our beautiful building was particularly appreciated. Charlie had also been honored in 1981 as Durand Citizen of the Year.
May 14, 1984
A fraternal visit was made to Bicknell Lodge No. 94 at Brodhead with Durand Lodge opening and closing the Lodge using Illinois ritual.
September 29, 1984
This night we celebrated the 125th Anniversary of this Lodge. In that time 685 men have petitioned for membership in Durand Lodge No. 302 A. F. And A. M. We look back with pride at the work that has been done in this community by the members of this fraternity to continue to work together in brotherly love.
"Our Lodge...is still dedicated to the same ideals which prompted its founding, and to the principals which are the strength of Masons everywhere. This year the Lodge begins a new century, resolved to be earnest in its labor so that future generations, too, may know the fulfillment of the Masonic way of life." From the centennial celebration booklet, but was still true as we celebrated our 125th Anniversary, and it also remains true today.

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