Shaun and Cori at Kids world and Amanda comes home for 1st time

Shaun Drives the Ship.

Shaun and Cori Drive the Ship.

Shaun helps Cori Drive the Ship.

Cori slides down the Fire Pole.

Shaun slides down the Fire Pole while Cori watches.

Cori hangs from the hand holds.

Cori and Shaun on steps to West Tower.

Cori and Shaun in West Tower.

Cori and Shaun in West Tower.

Shaun hangs from the hand holds.

Shaun and Cori on Rubber Suspension Bridge I helped build. Far right is School Cori went to for preschool.

Shaun and Cori on Rocking Elephant I helped build.

Shaun and Cori on Swings, Cori low Shaun high, School 1 at far right background.

Shaun and Cori on Swings, Cori low Shaun high, School 1 (Cori's School this year} at far right background.

Me Holding Amanda, I'm not really scard it just looks that way.

Me Holding Amanda, and cori posing loveingly.

Me Holding Amanda.

Amanda's maturnal Grandmother Holding Amanda.

Cori, and Page and her Mother Melissa L to R (from accross the street) admiring Amanda.

Amanda's maturnal Grandmother checking out Amanda.

Cori checking out Amanda.

Page and her Mom checking out Amanda.

Page and her Mom checking out Amanda.

Amanda just arriving home from hospital still in car.

Amanda just arriving home from hospital still in car.


Back in 1990 the people of Roscoe contracted with Leathers construction company who build the playgrounds that look like castles made from telephone poles and decking lumber to build one here. They came to the schools and asked the kids what they wanted in it then designed it specifically for them. The play ground was built on a plot of grassy land between Ledgewood and Stone Creek schools by volenteers consisting of local moms and dads supervised by a few professional construction men from Leathers. I was one of those dads. During the construction we had at least one day of heavy rain, but that didn't stop us, we worked right through it. One woman was walking along and waded through a mud puddle that turned out to be hiding a four foot deep hole for a telephone pole and fell in up to her waist, it took three men to pull her out. The port-o-lets were on the east side away from the construction area, between the two was an area where they had scraped away mud for the playground site. This mud was about 2 feet deep, and I was comming out of one of the facilities when I heard a young boy about 9 or 10 years calling for help. He was stuck in the mud up to his waist, so I waded through and pulled him out.

At the time I had no children of the age to make use of the playground, but now I have Grand Kids who love it. It was a lot of fun to help build this facility. So I wrote a limeric about it. Which is as follws.

By David F. Warner

There once was a playground tween Schools,
Twas built by a group with no fools,
They worked through the day,
Receiving no pay,
While the rainwater collected in pools.

It was read at the playground dedication cerimony, but I missed it as I had skipped out to go home for another piece of paper upon which to write a slightly longer poem which was comming to me. It goes:

                                      KIDS WORLD II
                                  By David F. Warner

                    Lightning flashed and thunder roared,
                    and upon what once was a grassy sward,
                    a wonder formed and swiftly grew.
                    Fashoned by a rain-drenched crew,
                    Of moms and dads and young ones too.

                    Led by men with experience and vision,
                    Who upon this world must have a mission,
                    For their creations are a true sensation.
                    They are building them across the nation.
                    To exercise kids muscles and imagination.

                    Designed with skill and understanding, to tempt
                    The active child and still not exempt
                    Handicapped and special kids too.
                    'Tis a fine thing for neighbors to do.
                    But when all is said and done,
                    'Twill bring kids together to play in the sun.
                    And best of all, KIDS WORLD IS FUN!