A quick and dirty ragged list of some famous Masons

Eddy Amold, Jack Dempsey, Benito Juárez, Paul Revere, Roy Acuff, James Doolittle, Rudyard Kipling, Herbert Reynolds, Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Marquis de Lafayette, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, "Duke" Ellington, J. B. Lawrence, Will Rogers, Daniel C. Beard, Henry Ford, John Lejeune, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Francis J. Bellamy, Gerald Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Theodore Roosevelt, Irving Berlin, Benjamin Franklin, John Marshall, Thomas S. Roy, Simón Bolívar, Clark Gable, George Marshall, L. R. Scarborough, Walter Boomer, James Garfield, Thurgood Marshall, Jean Sibelius, Gutzon Borglum, Arthur Godfrey, José Martí, "Red" Skelton, Emest Borgnine, Wolfgang von Göethe, Charles Mayo, John Phillip Sousa, Omar Bradley, Barry Goldwater, Douglas MacArthur, William Howard Taft, James Buchanan, Samuel Gompers, Abner McCall, Danny Thomas, Arleigh Burke, John Hancock, William McKinley, Lowell Thomas, Richard E. Byrd, Warren Harding, James Monroe, Strom Thurmond, B. H. Carroll, Jesse Helms, Wolfgang Mozart, George W. Truett, Mark Clark, Sam Houston, Louie D. Newton, Harry S. Truman, William Clark, Burl Ives, Norman Vincent Peale, Joseph Warren, Dewitt Clinton, Andrew Jackson, J. C. Penney, John Wanamaker, Ty Cobb, Andrew Johnson, John Pershing, George Washington, W. T. Conner, John Paul Jones, James Polk, John Wayne

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Another great place to lookThis site also has a link to www.findagrave.com/ Where you can locate the grave of someone who has passed to the seat at the right hand of the G. A. O. T. U. Provided someone has given the information to the Site managers.

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