Some Links to information about Masonry.

Information about Masonry in Illinois from The Grand Lodge of Illinois.

General Information About Masonry.
What You Should Know About The Masonic Fraternity In Illinois. What Are The Qualifications For Petitioning For Membership.

facts about Masons!

How and When did Freemasonry start?
Answers from: [GRAND LODGE A.F. & A.M. of NORTH CAROLINA].
This site has some other information that might be worth exploring as well.

A Page About Freemasonry

...A page about Freemasonry (est. October 1994 -- the World's Oldest Masonic Website) "...the Network, by the intimate connection of its several parts, denotes Unity."

The Exciteable HeartThe Exciteable Heart & The MMRLThe Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
The Exciteable Heart From:
The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
In Utica NY Under The Grand Lodge of New York
Also has LINKS to the leading Medical institutions
relating to the heart.

"The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory is dedicated to the study of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiovascular disease. The Laboratory maintains an international reputation for being on the cutting edge of heart research, with recent notable advances in the understanding of SIDS and atrial fibrillation. The Laboratory is supported by generous donations from individuals, organizations, and through wills and bequests."

Masonic ESSAYs

From River-Forest Austin Lodge #850

32 Masonic Learning Centers for Children

A small boy sits at his desk, looking down at his open book as his classmates read aloud. He wrinkles his forehead and squints his eyes but the letters and words he sees are jumbled, twisted and senseless. He grips the book tighter, holds his breath and makes a silent wish that the teacher will not call on him ... This child has dyslexia, a common learning disability. He needs help to overcome it before it sets him back emotionally as well as educationally. Since 1994, many children have received free specialized instruction at 32 Masonic Learning Centers for Children. Our pledge is to continue to offer this service for as many children as we can - free of charge. We also provide guidance and funding for other means to defeat dyslexia, such as teacher tutor programs, research, and scholarships for teachers.

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