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Anti-Masonry points of view and Masonic replies.

The First Grand Lodge

The First Grand Lodge

The Philalethes Society

The Philalethes Society, world's largest Masonic Research Society.

Grand Lodge of Arizona

Grand Lodge of Arizona F. & AM

Grand Lodge of England

Welcome to the United Grand Lodge of England

Grand Lodge of Arizona

Grand Lodge of Arizona

Royal Arch Masons of Arizona

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Arizona

Arizona York Rite

Arizona York Rite FreeMasonry

NH Grand Chapter OES

NH Grand Chapter OES

Grand Lodge of New Jersey

First Masonic District Grand Lodge of New Jersey, F&AM (a very nice site check it out Good music room, and good collection of articles on Masonry)

Phylaxis Society

A Society for Prince Hall Freemasons, who seek more light and who have light to impart

The Philalethes Society

The Philalethes Society Over 4,000 files to read this is most likely the WORLDS LARGEST collection of Masonic files ANYWHERE on the Internet ! (Their blurb.)



Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon

Anti-masonic claims refuted. By the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon A.F. & A.M. This site also offers much other information of general interest. What does AL mean? Essays and papers on Symbolism, Biography, Customs, History, Jurisprudence, Essays, Anti-masonry, Of Masonic interest, Religion, Ritual, and Other societies.

The Masonic Service Association of North America

The Masonic Service Association of North America: Disaster relief, free catalog of publications, bulletins and other materials, Masonic Information Center - to provide information on Freemasonry to Masons and non-Masons alike and to respond to critics of Freemasonry, Hospital Visitation Program - provides assistance and service to our sick or wounded veterans. Service - The Masonic Service Association of North American is a servant of Freemasonry. Formed of and supported by Grand Lodges, it is a voice that they can move to action, that the great heart of the Fraternity be made manifest and that the will of a united Craft may be done.

"A Page About Freemasonry"


...A page about Freemasonry (est. October 1994 -- the World's Oldest Masonic Website) "...the Network, by the intimate connection of its several parts, denotes Unity."

Pietre Stones


Pietre Stones Review of Freemasonry History Literature Music Art Architecture Documents Rituals Symbolism

Bessel's Links

 Index of Webpages you can find on Paul M. Bessel's Website One of the largest collections of Masonic links on the WEB.

Hiram's Oasis and Kena Computer Club Files

Over 4,000 file's you can view or download!

Freemasonry Revealed

Very good information from the GRAND LODGE A.F. & A.M. of NORTH CAROLINA

Grand Lodge of AF & AM of North Carolina.

Grand Lodge of North Carolina HOME PAGE

Grand Lodge of AFM of South Carolina.

Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina. Good articles about Masonic Principles etc.

South Carolina Freemason

Quite a few Masonic information metalinks (links to links)

The Missouri Lodge of Research

Originally founded in 1923 as a Masonic Research Society, the Missouri Lodge of Research was formally chartered by The Grand Lodge of Missouri in 1941, and it has continually strived to provide educational and instructional materials that will enable our members to learn about and understand the "beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory" that Freemasonry teaches its votaries

George Washington Masonic Memorial.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial was constructed entirely with voluntary contributions from members of the Masonic Fraternity. The Memorial Association is the only unified effort of all of the Grand Lodges in the United States. The construction of this beautiful, awe-inspiring Memorial was the single most important 20th century successful endeavor by the entire Masonic fraternity. Each Grand Lodge is a sovereign body in its own territorial jurisdiction but the love and reverence for George Washington by the Masons in this country is amply demonstrated by the collective effort of all of the jurisdictions to keep this Memorial to Washington, the Mason, a living reality.

National Sojourners

National Sojourners, Inc., is a national fraternal organization meeting the needs of military Masons and advancing programs that promote love of country.


A Christian Perspective on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons 1995 Anthony Harper

A page about Freemasonry

Find a comprehensive guide to this ancient guild, explaining where it originated and what its activities entail. Has links to regional lodges.

Freemasonry in Israel

Find a local meeting time, and chat about this subject in English or Spanish. Includes a code glossary. Also much other interesting information about Masonry from the Grand Lodge of Isreal

York Rite Masonry

Compendium of links to reports, articles, and research papers associated With Free Masonry. Includes links to official sites for Masonic groups.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere became a Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar in 1769. Read an extensive paper on Paul Revere as Grand Lodge Master 1795-1797.

E-M@son Masonic Links

Welcome to the new E-M@son Link System! Here you can find links to all sorts of information about Freemasonry and the Appendant Bodies. Please feel free to add a resource, or update an existing one! If you prefer a 1-Page listing of links, choose the "1-page" option, and please, subscribe to our mailer, so that you can receive regular updates on the sites that have been added to the system. Also commercial sites like pins rings etc.

Bro. Matthew Richey

Brother Richey, a 27 year old brand new mason in Washington DC tells all about his journey to Masonry. This is where my journey began to become an Entered Apprentice in the 1st Degree of Freemasonry...

Abraham Benjamin Masonic Productions

Abraham Benjamin Masonic ProductionsThe Masonic page is dedicated to the sharing of research done by us that we trust will benefit all Freemasons. This page includes information on: Leadership, Symbolism, seminars etc.

Grand Lodge of AF & AM of New Brunswick.

Good article titled: What is FreemasonryGrand Lodge of New Brunswick!

This site is for Master Masons or those interested in Freemasonry. What is Freemasonry... Monthly online/e-mail newsletter, your very own professional Masonic e-mail, over 1000 Masonic graphics, Masonic education center (updated monthly), games, and much more.

This website does not speak for the Grand Lodge of Illinois or Freemasonry in general