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I am a newly Raised Master Mason In My Lodge in Wisconsin. #267 Wauwatosa Lodge. My Grandfather was a Mason as well as a few of my relatives so I grew up knowing what Masonry stands for and knowing that I wanted to join and become a better man while helping others and trying to contribute to the welfare of non-Masons and Masons alike. I am the second youngest Master Mason in My Lodge. I am 26 this year. so please sit back and browse thru my pages and links and stop back often as I add to these pages for more usefull Masonic Information for Brothers as well as information for Non-Masons who are interested in learning who we are and what we do.

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Here are my dates in Masonry
Entered 12-14-98
Passed 03-22-99
Raised 04-26-99

My Lodge meets Here after we sold our Lodge.
Here is the The Grand lodge of Wisconsin
JP Luther Masonic rings and supplies
Here are some Facts About Freemasonry
Here is the GO-Masonry Database
Of course Back to MasterMason.com
FreeMason.org website

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