Dixfield Maine 


2nd Tuesday

Wor. Jim Desjardins, Master (562-7474)

Nov 11, Stated; 6:30pm supper, 7:30pm Lodge opening;
 business meeting, we hope to have a program on the Sept 11th disaster
 presented by a Brother who was a first responder to that tragic event.

Dec 9, 6:30pm supper; 7:30pm Lodge opening; 
business meeting, program.

2004 dues cards are in and are available from the Secretary.

There will be a Blood Drive at the Lodge hall 
from 9:00 to 5:00 on Thursday, Nov 20th.

To my brethren 
help I am in need of things to put on this site
if you have anything that you want to have on this page please let me know
I will be glad to put your lodge info on this site 

thanks Steve Santos