Summer Uniform

In the September 1998 issue of "Knight Templar"
Magazine there appeared an article on a Summer Uniform introduced by Milford Commandery No. 11, Uxbridge, MA. This uniform was a result of a challenge by the then Grand Master of the Grand Encampment Sir Knight James M. Ward as a fund-raising project for the Knight Templar Eye Foundation. Since that time the Grand Encampment has approved this uniform for wear between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The Uniform is smart looking, comfortable and by comparison, relatively inexpensive. It consists of a white shirt with shoulder board pins, a name tag above the right pocket and a metal ribbon bar above the left pocket. The ribbon bar has a miniature Red Cross Jewel, Malta Jewel, and Cross and Crown Jewel. On the right collar are the letters KT or the commandery number and on the left collar is the abbreviation for the state of Ohio. The cap is a White Navel Garrison cap with cross. A black tie may be worn at the option of the senior officer present. These are worn with black trousers and a sword belt.

See the complete description below in the Ohio Regulation adopted by the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Ohio in 1999.

The Uniform may be purchased at a number of locations; however keep in mind that if you purchase from Milford Commandery No. 11, P.O. Box 321, Ashland, MA 01721-0321 that ALL PROFITS go to the Knight Templar Eye Foundation.

Milford Commandery No. 11 has a special price through September 1, 2001 of $125.00. The total individual cost would be between $147.50 and $168.00. Their special price is about 1/3 the cost of a new Chapeau.

To print a copy of this "special order" form Click Here