Ivanhoe Commandery No. 54

Stationed in Van Wert, Ohio

Dennis L. Wilhelm P.C.

Kevin R. Weisman P.C.
Acting Recorder



  • January 23     Regularly Stated Conclave


  • February 10   Annual Inspection of Ivanhoe Commandery  No. 54

    Inspecting Officer-Richard M. Holcombe
    Eminent Grand Warder Lady Carmel (said like the candy)
    Order of the Temple:    3:00 P.M.
    Full Form Opening:       3:15 P.M.
    Dinner:                           5:30 P.M. (at Hotel Marsh on Main Street)

  • February 27    Regularly Stated Conclave


  • March 27        Regularly Stated Conclave


  • April 8            Palm Sunday Service with Shawnee Commandery 
                           No. 14 at Trinity United Methodist Church in
                           Delphos, Ohio

  • April 24          Regularly Stated Conclave