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Recent & Upcoming Events in The District

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                                               From the GL Office:

                                     State Wide Event

One Day Class

Important New Opportunity

Well the One Day Class has taken place and from all accounts was a tremendous success with over 1600 men raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. There is an additional one day make up date yet this month on April 16th which will be held at Burlington NJ. The conventional requirements still prevail as far as investigating and voting.

By all accounts the presentation at the various locations was most impressive from both the recipients point of view as well as the members of the craft who observed the work. Certainly those who set up and completed the  work at the various presentations deserve a tremendous amount credit, praise and gratitude for a great job well done.

Update Information

District Notice

 The R.W. Kevin F. Colquhoun DDGM of the 11th Masonic District EXPECTS that the September 2005 meeting of Masters, Wardens and Past Masters will be in Morristown and that it will be followed by a rehearsal.

Revision Notice Dated 9/13/05

The scheduled meeting of Masters, Wardens and Past Masters will be held at the Heritage Grill in Denville as originally scheduled on the 15th (perhaps a little earlier) so as to make an 8:15 rehearsal meeting at Jephthah Lodge in Rockaway following a quick dinner. This notice is an attempt to inform all those masons who would not normally attend Masters & Wardens that an extra rehearsal is scheduled. This of course includes the One Day Class Masons.




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