Our Mission

This site has four principle goals:

  1. To provide a means whereby the Brethren at large and the general public  may become more aware of the 11th Masonic District and New Jersey Masonry in particular, and the Craft of Freemasonry as a whole.

  2. To provide a central place on the world wide web for the listing of upcoming district events.

  3. To provide a place to publicize the success of public District events through pictures, commentary, and short stories.

  4. To provide a central place on the world wide web for brethren in the 11th District to communicate ideas using an electronic bulletin board.

The first goal is obviously aided by the second and third, and to this end, we encourage the members of all district lodges to contribute photographs, stories, or commentary on public Lodge events, etc.  If already scanned, photographs can be e-mailed; if not, the webmaster can scan and return any originals made available.  Please help us to add to our District's site.

District Profile

The 11th District is made up of eight Lodges: seven  in Morris County, and one in Somerset County (for addresses and meeting nights, please see our Member Lodge page).  To date, there are seven with websites of their own.  Click on the name of these sites to reach their websites, or you can click on their names on our map page to see their locations.  Like Freemasonry itself, our lodges attract men from all walks of life, each of whom has a contribution to make.

To Contribute to Your District's Site:

Information, stories, pictures, etc. can be e-mailed to:

R.W.Ronald A. Poeter, P.M., Madison Lodge No. 93


Harold Buchanan P.M. St. John's  Lodge  No.1


Electronic mail

Webmaster:     Harold Buchanan

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